A vocation to the Benedictine way of life is a call to seek God in a cenobitic community and to live the Christian life under the Rule of St. Benedict. A response to this call demands conversion. Conversion, in the Gospel sense, is a daily turning from oneself to God, a lifelong process by which the member seeks the will of God through a deepening of their baptismal commitment. For a Benedictine, conversion takes place within the context of a community of persons committed to the monastic way of life. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, the sister or brother endeavors to put on Christ through a lifelong surrender to God and to the community.

Formation is the process of incorporating a member into the monastic community. The aim of monastic formation is to enable the person to center her/himself in God. The person who seeks God according to the Rule of St. Benedict undertakes the asceticism of monastic life in the spirit of moderation rather than austerity and in the spirit of humility and joy. Initial formation prepares the member for her/his monastic profession to live faithfully the Christian life within the monastery according to the Gospel and the Rule of St. Benedict. Initial formation includes the stages of postulancy, novitiate, and temporary profession. A member progresses through these three stages of initial formation in order to prepare her/himself for perpetual incorporation into the monastery at the time of final profession.

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